Saturday, October 23

Georgia Secretary of State Says Donald Trump ‘Knows in His Heart That He Lost’ : politics

People people people. Permit me to drag you into the world of pop psychology. Have you never watched an episode of Dr Phil where a family stages an intervention of their mom who is giving away the family fortune to a scammer because she loves him and he needs the money for taxes so he can come and marry her? It’s quite fascinating actually. Even when the person whose photo the scammer has been using shows up in person to tell her his likeness was used, even when Phil sends someone over to another country to the scammers’s fake address, and even when the scammer himself admits he is not who he says he is…mom still believes.

Same thing with asshole. His fragile personality has constructed this alternate reality so real that even when faced with the truth he will not and cannot accept it. The people who enable him know better, but because they benefit from the delusion in some way, whether it be to further their racist, fascist beliefs, gain monetarily, or just enjoy riding the coattails of a famous asshole they fuel the delusion.

He will never, ever as long as breath filters through his fetid putrid body accept his loss. Betray friends and supporters, done. The country’s stability, meh. His own children, fuck ‘em. It will never happen and he will die rich, famous, and god help me, perhaps win another term.

Watch this deposition and you will see him in action as he tries to intimidate the plaintiff’s attorney in the Asshole University lawsuit. He really is a slippery little bugger. (You’ll have to put up with some tool from Mother Jones pontificating for a minute at the beginning but fast forward through.)

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