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Fun and exciting online piano lessons for kids and adults.

"My children have been taking lessons online for 6 years and have learned so much and become really great pianists - all due to the instructor Michelle. She is a great teacher and I recommend her to everyone I meet!"
Elizabeth M.

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Perhaps you’re a music enthusiast wishing to introduce your child to the magical world of music? Or a parent that’s brand new to the music & knows nothing about piano but wants to help their beginner child embark on a successful musical journey? Whether you’re one or the other, or somewhere in-between we welcome you!

Our online piano lessons are designed to cater to your child’s needs.  Classes are accessible, allowing your child to learn right from the comfort of their home. Our lessons provide a fun, interactive, and personal learning experience so that distance is no longer a barrier to your child’s musical journey.

Some of the things Your Child Will Learn During Zoom Piano lessons


A Positive Introduction to Piano

We will help your child dive into the world of music. They will learn all of the piano basics, including understanding the layout and the names of the keys.


A Complete Understanding Music Theory

Your child will learn all  the fundamentals of music theory, such as reading sheet music and lead sheets. They will also receive a thorough understanding of scales and  chords. 


Proper Technique and Posture

Our instructors will gently guide your child as they learn the correct way to position their hands and fingers and the importance of posture. 


Strong Sight-Reading Skills

Your child will learn how to read music. Plus your child will develop skills in reading and playing music on the spot, a crucial ability for any pianist.

Fun Songs from all Styles of Music

Your child's repertoire will expand from playing basic piano pieces to familiar songs you've heard before. They will also be able to exploring different musical genres, from classical to jazz, pop, and more.

Festival & Exam Preparation

If your child wants a more serious piano experience, our instructors can tailor lessons to help them to prepare for any grade level piano exams or festivals. We will work hard to ensure your child is well-prepared and will have a positive experience.

"My children have been taking piano lessons at Zoom Piano Academy for a few months now, and I'm loving it! The teacher is great with kids, and they've already made a lot of progress. I would highly recommend Zoom Piano Academy to anyone thinking about learning piano."
Judy T.

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Piano lessons via Zoom for kids??? Seriously???

Yes! Absolutely!​

Many parents worry that online piano lessons may not be as effective as in-person lessons for their children.

However, with our carefully designed lesson plans and experienced instructors, your child will receive the same quality education from the comfort of your own home.

We believe that children, of any age, can be successful at learning the piano using Zoom.
Zoom Piano Academy is thrilled to offer lessons to students as young as four years old.

No matter how much your child already knows about piano, our easy-to-follow lessons make sure they learn everything they need to play piano well.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers all the essentials, from techniques to basic music theory to sight-reading and repertoire.

Our goal is to make sure your child succeeds in their goals.

And it doesn't matter whether they dream of mastering classical pieces or are playing their favorite pop songs or playing just for fun or doing lessons because parents know it's a good hobby to take up.

The #1 Worry for Parents

Zoom Piano Lessons? My Kids Will Hate It!

Many parents considering online lessons worry that their kids will hate sitting in front of a computer for their lessons.

Especially if they had a bad experience with online school during COVID-19.

A lot of parents and a lot of students did not like online school.

But it's important for parents to understand that...

Piano Lessons Via Zoom are NOT Like School Classes Via Zoom

At Zoom Piano Academy, we understand the challenges that come with virtual learning.

That's why our piano lessons via Zoom are designed to be interactive and personalized, ensuring your child stays engaged and motivated throughout each session.

Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods, including games and activities, to make learning piano enjoyable for kids.

Our lessons are designed to cater to a child's unique learning style, ensuring they feel motivated and happy with their progress.

We also offer a lot of perks that you can't get in traditional, in-person lessons.

For example, extremely flexible scheduling options and unlimited make-ups.

This way your child can have piano lessons at a time that works best for them.

This means no more rushing to in-person lessons after school or on weekends – now your child can learn piano from the comfort of home without any added stress.

"I was a bit hesitant to start zoom piano classes for my kids but I'm so glad I did. Michelle is very patient and supportive, and they've helped my progress a lot and made them comfortable with piano and online classes."
Denise G.

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Virtual Piano Lessons at Zoom Piano Academy: The Benefits of Virtual Piano Lessons

At Zoom Piano Academy, we believe that virtual piano lessons offer many benefits compared to traditional in-person lessons. Some of those benefits include:


One of the main advantages of virtual piano lessons is convenience. You no longer have to worry about commuting to a lesson or trying to fit it into your busy schedule. With virtual piano lessons at Zoom Academy, all you need is a computer and internet connection, and you can have a lesson from anywhere at any time. This also means you can have lessons in the comfort of your own home, creating a more relaxed and familiar environment for learning.


Virtual piano lessons offer flexibility and adaptability that may not be possible with in-person lessons. If a student has a scheduling conflict or is feeling under the weather, they can simply reschedule their lesson for a more convenient time. Additionally, virtual lessons can easily be adapted to suit different skill levels and learning goals, making it accessible for students of all ages and abilities.

in Many

At Zoom Piano Academy, we strive to make quality piano instruction affordable for everyone. Our virtual lessons eliminate the need for travel expenses or studio rental fees, allowing us to offer our services at a lower cost than traditional in-person lessons. Plus, with the convenience of virtual lessons, you can save time and money on transportation.


Much more! At Zoom Piano Academy, we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance the virtual lesson experience for our students. From utilizing advanced technology and interactive tools to providing a personalized learning plan, our goal is to offer the best possible piano education in a friendly, helpful, welcoming, and nurturing environment.
"I had been taking piano lessons for years, but I wasn't making the progress I wanted. When I started taking lessons at Zoom Piano Academy, everything clicked. The accelerated learning program is really effective, and I've made more progress in the last few months than I had in years. I would highly recommend Zoom Piano Academy to anyone who wants to learn piano."
Vance L.

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Learning & Teaching Piano via Zoom: How it Works

We understand that as a parent, you may have concerns about how teaching piano via Zoom will work.​

Before the Lesson

During the Lesson

After the Lesson

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